Law Office of Sharon Babakhan

Anun O. – Domestic Violence – Dismissed - February 2014 Ms. O was charged with Domestic Violence.  She allegedly attacked her boyfriend and an independent witness called the police.  Ms. Babakhan took over the case right before the trial.  Ms. Babakhan pushed the matter to a jury trial while negotiating with the DA. At the end, the case was dismissed against Ms. O and she walked away with no criminal case and/or conviction.
Ivette V. – Possession of Ammunition – Case Not Filed – March 2014 Ms. V was stopped and cited for Possession of Ammunition at Los Angeles International Airport. Ms. Babakhan was retained to represent Ms. V in her criminal case; however, before a case was filed against Ms. V, Ms. Babakhan successfully convinced the prosecuting agency not to file charges against Ms. V.  She walked away without a criminal case and/or conviction.
Stephen G. – Owning More Than 2 Cats – Dismissed – February 2014 Mr. G owned 54 cats in violation of a city ordinance allowing only 2 cats.  Mr. G and Mrs. G were both charged with a criminal case.  Ms. Babakhan negotiated a deal with the prosecutor and obtained a dismissal for both Mr. and Mrs. G.
Myrtle J. – Assault with a Deadly Weapon - Case Not Filed – February 2014 Ms. J was about to be charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon.  She hired Ms. Babakhan to assist her with the case.  Before a case was filed against Ms. J, Ms. Babakhan contacted the District Attorney’s Office, provided important evidence and stopped the case from being filed against Ms. J.  
Anthony E. – DUI Reduced to Wet Reckless – January 2014 Mr. E was charged with DUI.  Ms.bBabakhan handled both his DMV and his court case.  She successfully had the DMV hearing set aside.  Ms. Babakhan also presented evidence to the DA about the case indicating that the case against Mr. E was weak.  She had the DUI reduced to a Wet Reckless.
Walter A. – Case Not Filed – DUI – September 2013 Mr. A was charged with DUI. Before a case was filed against him, Ms. Babakhan spoke with the District Attorney and a case against Mr. A was not filed.  The DMV also set aside his case. Mr. A walked away with no criminal case and DMV consequences.
Dmitry K. – Vandalism – Dismissed - November 2013 Mr. K was charged with Vandalism. Ms. Babakhan was retained right before the trial. Ms. Babakhan comb through a large quantity of evidence and found very strong indication of police misconduct and ulterior motive of the victim. Ms. Babakhan negotiated with the prosecutor and got the case dismissed.